Publication in Vrij Nederland magazine.

Don’t miss it. Tomorrow (Saturday the 11th of January) my series from Turkmenistan will be published in a Dutch magazine Vrij Nederlands. If you live in the Netherlands – check it out!
photography: Pavel Prokopchik
producer: Massiel Sanchez

New series to be published in De Volkskrant on the 21st December

A new series will be published on Saturday the 21st in an annual photography supplement “Observatorium” of a Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. The story begins in the Summer of 2010 with a couple Nastya and Lama braking up at Utrish, a sort of hippy enclave on the coast of the Black Sea in Russia. I followed this two people for 3 years, as Nastya got married to Kolya and gave birth to two children, while Lama continued his carefree lifestyle. The story will be presented in a multimedia format on my website in the beginning of the next year. If you are in the Netherlands check out De Volkskrant on Saturday.

photographer: Pavel Prokopchik

producer: Massiel Sanchez