The Tribe Index Description

“The Tribe” is a story about alternative people from Russia and former Soviet Union. Together they form a group of personally acquainted individuals that share common interests: music, drugs or a particular worldview. They meet each other on festivals or commonly known places of gathering, like Utrish on the coast of the Black sea. They willingly deny a comfortable lifestyle and life oriented at possession of things. This is particularly interesting choice in a country that is caught up in between strictly controlled society and capitalism. Some of those people turn to sale of illegal substances to support their lifestyle and evade a nine to five office job.

They are not the hippies of the 60′s nor are they the beatniks, even though some of them inherited the relentless sprit of Dean Moriarty from Kerouac’s – On the road. It’s a new generation that is still in search for the escape from the grips of society.

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