Theatre of the Absurd Index Description

‘Theatre of the Absurd’ reflects upon some issues of contemporary Russia and particularly on ‘absurdities’ of life in this country.

Images are not to be taken literally; they serve more as a metaphor rather than a blunt pointer. Theatre, absurd and life in Russia could be named as the main focus of this project. Subject of separate images is not apparent at first glance, but put together they create a particular vision. Life in Russia, our way of living is soaked in absurdity. It’s a bottomless well for humor, sometimes kind, but often with a pinch of bitterness. City is a decoration for never ending theatre of life. Where independently of the will, consciousness and desire of the characters, they prepare a new stage-set for those who are just about to go through the circle. It’s a cycle of life, which is meant to repeat itself over and over again in endless spiral.

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