Pavel Prokopchik

Pavel began his career in the VFX industry in 2012 as a color grader and eventually transitioned into compositing. In recent years, Pavel has served as an onset supervisor and lead compositor for some of the largest commercial projects in Germany. One of these projects, Mercedes-Benz: Magical Garage part 2, won a German Commercial Film award 2023 in the “Visual Effects” category.

Since 2016, Pavel has been based in Berlin, primarily working on commercial projects. His skill set includes on-set supervision, team leadership, and expertise in software packages such as Nuke, Photoshop, and Autodesk Maya. Additionally, Pavel has some experience with Houdini and a variety of A.I. image generators such as Automatic1111, ComfyUI and Midjourney.

Wick – Epic Breath

/ on set supervisor /

Director: Sermed Darah

DOP: Mathieu Plainfosse

Awards: Gold at Lia awards

I had a wonderful opportunity to work as an on set vfx supervisor for this Wick commercial, which was shot in one of the biggest water tanks in Europe at Nu Boyana film studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. The amazing CG bear was brought to life by the exceptionally skilled team at Spellwork

Magic Garage 2 – Mercedes EQE

/ on set supervisor / lead compositor /

Director: Rodrigo Valdes

DOP: Mauro Chiarello

Awards: Best Visual effects at Deutscher Werbefilmpreis

The opening shot and the drive sequence were shot in the Netherlands. All the studio shots were filmed at the Castel film studios in Bucharest, Romania. It was a long and intense shoot with many weeks in post production. 175 vfx shots in total and 23TB of data.

Magic Garage 1 – Mercedes EDT

/ on set supervisor / lead compositor /

Director: Rodrigo Valdes

DOP: Mauro Chiarello

Shot in Kiev in December 2022 this is one of my favourite commercials I've worked on so far. 5 crazy shooting days, amazing locations and huge set extensions.

Mercedes – New Way to Buy

/ on set supervisor /

Director: James F. Coton

DOP: Simon Chaudoir

Mercedes model D commercial shot at Buftea studio in Bucharest, Romania. Motion control, dynamic lights with dmx control and an amazing team of professionals.

Audi – M21 Campaign

/ compositing artist /

Director: Felix Müller

DOP: Frederick Gomoll

Audi M21 concept car campaign. Cool looking car, beautiful landscapes and amazing cinematography. 3D cars, retouches, cleanup, overlays… compositor's bread and butter.